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Medicinal Garden Consultation and Design


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Do you want to know what and how to plant, care for and harvest medicinal herbs? With Medicinal Garden Consultation and Design you can do just that. We will look at your space and come up with what plants would work best for the land and your health and healing needs. Sessions can be simple one time consultations with a set of detailed plans and instructions on how and what to plant specific to your location. Or if you are in Maine there are a few additional options; a one-time installation of pre-selected plants or multi-visit educational meetings where you can be part of installation, collection of herbs at harvest time and hands on advice on how to prepare and preserve the plants medicine, as well as variations of these. Endangered native medicinal plant botanical sanctuary consultation is also available as well as perennial gardening. Inquire by email for more info if you don't see your desired consult option below.